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The Sheriff’s Office has fourteen sworn deputies whose main responsibilities are the enforcement of traffic laws and criminal laws.

The primary responsibility of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is to provide all statutory services required by the State of Illinois and the County of Morgan. This office will strive to protect our citizens from any and all who would attempt to harm them.

Personal crimes are a concern for every law enforcement agency and our office’s will is very responsive to these crimes. Whenever possible our office will provide a police presence to prevent these types of crimes.

When crimes are committed our office uses whatever resources necessary to solve the crime and apprehend the violator.

Our office is very patrol oriented and we feel we can avert property crimes by visibility. Patrol will concentrate on aggressive patrol in areas that have tendencies for crime. Morgan County is mainly a rural community and the presence of uniform deputies is often a comforting sight. This office will also provide assistance with other local and state agencies when ever possible.

Jail Inspection Reports:

2015 Jail Inspection Report
2017 Jail Inspection Report