County Clerk


The goal of the County Clerk’s office is to provide you, the customer, with prompt, courteous and informative service.

The County Clerk’s office has six main roles:

1. Chief Election Authority
2. Vital Records
3. Tax Extensions and Delinquent Taxes
4. Manager of Payroll, Accounts Receivable and Payable
5. Recorder of Deeds
6. Clerk to the County Board

In addition the Clerk’s office is also responsible for:

1. Filing of Notary Public Commissions
2. Assumed Business Name Certificates
3. Campaign Materials
4. Statement of Economic Interest
5. Liquor License
6. Firework Permits

Our highest priority will always be to serve the customer. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to call the office and ask for me.


Please note: Absolutely no information can be given over the telephone regarding Vital Records. Illinois State Law Vital Records Act 410 ILCS 535 specifies who has the legal authorization to access birth, death and marriage certificates. Certificates will only be issued to those individuals. To do so otherwise is a violation of Illinois law. Vital records are not considered public information nor are they subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

Who May Obtain Birth Records:

*Person named on the record, if they are 18 years of age or older
*The parent if they are named on the record as the mother or father
*Legal Guardian who possesses guardianship papers from the court that have been signed by a judge
*Court order
*Legal Representative for the person named on the certificate or for the parents named

Identification Required and Accepted Forms:

*Valid driver’s license
*Driver’s license that is no more than 6 month old along with one more form of documentation that includes your name and address
*Valid State Issued ID
*Valid US Passport
*Valid Military ID


*Certified copies of birth and marriage records are $18.00 for the first copy and each additional copy of the same record at the same time is $9.00. Payment may be made with cash, check or money order.

Obtaining Certificates by Mail:

The request for a birth record must include the person’s name at birth, date of birth, parents names (mother’s maiden name). The request must be signed by the applicant, include a valid phone number with area code and may only be mailed to those entitled to the copy. Please remember that the request must include a Xerox copy of an acceptable form of current ID from the applicant. We also request the return address be easy to read.

Birth records and death records begin in 1878. For genealogical purpose birth requests must be 100 years or older and marriage requests 75 years or older. If parties involved are deceased the office needs to see the death certificates for the requested certificate to be issued.

Death Records

Death records may be obtained through the mail by written request that includes the deceased’s names and approximate date and year of death. Your intended use of this record, relationship and a copy of acceptable ID must also be included.

*Certified copies of death records are $24.00 for the first copy and each additional copy of the same record at the same time is $13.00.

Marriage or Civil Union License

The request must include the parties named on the license and the approximate date and year the marriage/union took place. The request must include a copy of the applicants current ID along with payment listed above.

Obtaining a Marriage or Civil Union License.

*Ceremony must be held in Morgan County.
*Both parties need to be present.
*Both parties need to have one form of current ID.
*Both parties need to be 18 years of age or older. If parties are younger, parents of that person need to be present with their current ID.

*The fee is $75.00. Forms of payment accepted are cash, checks and money orders.

*License must be applied for at least one day prior to wedding day and no more than sixty (60) days in advance



Miniumum Fee for Recording Documents not pertaining to real estates $70.00
Minimum Fee for Recording Documents pertaining to real estate $80.00
Documents that exceed 8 x 11 $10.00 extra
Documents that do not have 3 x 5 space at top of 1st page $10.00 extra
Plats and Subdivisions $110.00


Fixture filings, oil, gas, mineral and timber (all pages, any size) $60.00
Terminations, Continuation, Assignments and Amendments $60.00
All Other UCC’s to be filed with Sec of States Office
Veterans Discharge No Charge
Microfilm, Computer copy, Xerox copy (per page) $1.00
Certified Copies: $22.00 Plus $1.00 per page

FAX FEE: $5.00

SURVEY FEES: Standard $70.00 / Non Standard $80.00

*THESE TYPES OF DOCUMENTS ARE INCLUDED IN THE SURCHARGE: Agreements/options to purchase, deeds/contracts of deeds, easements (other than public utility), extensions, foreclosures and lis pendens, land grants, leases, liens, monument records, releases/mortgages and notes, plats/surveys, subordinations, affidavits, amendments, assignments, contracts, covenants, corrections, mergers, releases.