Jury Information

Prospective jurors are selected by lot from a combined list provided by the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts of the following county residents:

  • Registered voters
  • Licensed drivers
  • Claimants for unemployment insurance
  • Holders of Illinois Identification cards over age 18

Jurors are notified by mail of their selection. Enclosed in the mailing is a questionnaire to be completed and returned to the Circuit Clerk’s office within five days.

A juror must be a US Citizen and must reside in Morgan County at the time of jury service.

Morgan County petit jurors are subject to call at any time during their one month of service.

Requests to be excused must be in writing to the presiding Judge.

Jury Information Line: (217)-243-5419

Jurors are to call the jury information line after 5PM on the evening before they are scheduled to report for instructions regarding their jury service.