Morgan County’s fiscal year runs from September 1st through August 31st. Below you can find past budget, levys, audits and salary data.


Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Budget
Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Budget
Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Budget
Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Budget

Budget Hearing Schedule:
Budget Hearing Schedule

Fiscal Year 2016 Levy
Fiscal Year 2015 Levy
Fiscal Year 2014 Levy
Fiscal Year 2013 Levy

Fiscal Year 2015 Audit
Fiscal Year 2014 Audit
Fiscal Year 2013 Audit
Fiscal Year 2012 Audit
Fiscal Year 2011 Audit
Fiscal Year 2010 Audit

Salary Data
The information for total compensation package including: salary, health insurance, housing allowance, vehicle allowance, clothing allowance, bonuses, loans, vacation days granted and sick days granted is posted on the bulletin board in the Morgan County Board’s office.